Create Your Happy
Livestream brand activation
Show design
Live editing
Audio production
GFX package
17,000+ active viewers
75,000+ messages
Named to AdAge's top 10 global gaming activations of 2022
Twitch partnered with StagePilot to design, produce, direct, film and live edit a two-hour livestream for brand partner, Carl’s Jr.

Carl's Jr. turned Twitch's main channel into the ultimate test kitchen. In order to crowdsource the newest menu item, we created a Final Four-style burger building bracket hosted by Carl’s Jr. head chef, Owen Klein, and Twitch Ambassador, Storymodebae.

Throughout the stream, 12 fan-inspired sandwiches were imagined, created, named and presented. Over 17,000 live viewers voted on, and named, their favorite sandwiches. The four finalists were then featured across multiple Twitch channels where fans chose the final winner.