Live Podcast Launch
livestreamed episode zero
Live streaming
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StagePilot partners with Buffering podcast hosts to launch their new podcast, The eX-Files.

After a wildly successful 7-year run of Buffering: A Rewatch Adventure, StagePilot partnered with Kristin and Jenny to launch their new podcast, The eX-Files. The new pod was launched with episode zero streaming directly from the hosts’ studio with a complete audio, video and lighting package from StagePilot. StagePilot designed a complete graphics package including announce graphics and on-screen motion effects for each segment of the stream. After concluding the stream, 100 VIP fans were treated to a virtual afterparty and Q&A session with the hosts.

In addition to managing production and streaming, StagePilot led marketing creative, budgeting, planning and placement for the event. We continue to work with eX-Files on various live and streaming events throughout the year.